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A live, virtual practice that will be focused on rib cage mobility and an overall feel-good strengthening yoga practice that we'll experience breathing more deeply in after we free up all that space in our chest, ribs and diaphragm!

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May 1
Yoga @ 3:30pm PST / 5:30pm CT

Movement Medicine to Create Space

40 min




50 min


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Total Body "Go To" warm up

14 min



16 min


Jamie B

While I have spent much of my adult life -- I am in my late 30s -- seeking workouts that bring out the grittiest parts of me. Some days I still want those workouts and I find them on this site, but the videos that I am finding doing the best for my body right now are Maggie's Total Body "Go To" warm up and Yoga for Runners. I realize that if my body is going to keep running half marathons and lifting weights, I am going to have to oil my joints, and so I have been pushing play on these two videos that are keeping my joints healthy and happy. 

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  1. Kim Meyer says:

    Loving Slow Burn, Steady Strength. It’s a great flow!

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Most of you know I teach regular classes every week. But over the last few years, I've found that time spent learning more about movement OUTSIDE of class has had a huge impact on how I move and how I understand my body in all the classes I take and workouts I do. So, this class brings in an element of learning that we infuse into our class.

Every month, you'll still get a workout or mobility or yoga class, but in addition to that, this class is an educational offering. You'll leave your mat or your workout hour with a new layer of understanding about your own body and your unique needs. 

Every month rotates among yoga, mobility and a workout and focuses on a different theme. Be sure to subscribe to emails to learn more about this monthly theme. This class is FREE for members (just log in for access!) and sliding scale as a drop-in.

What is Challenged & Centered?

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Quick notes & reminders: 

1. Thank you everyone who submitted responses for our live practice! The availability was pretty much split so we will explore Wednesdays at 6pm CT for the next couple months and reassess! 

2. If you're not getting Member emails from me, or emails are landing in your spam, send me a note!

Through Bare Feet Power Yoga’s online yoga schedule, you can find me 5 days a week on the regular. You can purchase a drop-in OR pack of classes with a discount: MAGGIE20.

(Note: this is separate from the monthly membership class I offer to you for free and is separate from your membership at Bare Feet Power Yoga is a pay-what-you-can studio based in Chicago but through virtual programming, you can access live classes on the BFPY schedule with me from anywhere. 


Each day is carefully woven together to create a thoughtfully planned experience from the moment you unpack your bags in our gorgeous villa that houses just 12 guests. 

Daily yoga, movement, breathwork, meditation, fresh food and private beach and beach club access will make up our day - with plenty of free time to make this trip exactly what YOU need it to be.  Read more details here.

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