A retreat will always be more than a “retreat” with me. Of course, you’ll spend some blissful time away from your regular day-to-day practicing yoga, getting in workouts, and soaking in sunshine, but you’ll also collect tools to bring the elements of the retreat home with you: grounding, presence, and connection to yourself.

Costa Rica,
March 30 - April 4

spring 2023

Join Maggie for an intimate, purposefully designed retreat in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. 

Each day is carefully woven together to create a thoughtfully planned experience from the moment you unpack your bags in our gorgeous villa that houses just 13 guests. 

Daily yoga, movement, breathwork, meditation, fresh food and private beach and beach club access will make up our day - with plenty of free time to make this trip exactly what YOU need it to be. 

Check back soon for summer 2024 retreat details

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The Experience

When I think of Maggie's retreat, I am amazed at her ability to balance everything from personalities to programming. From finding the line between power + recovery, activities + rest, community building + individual time, I felt like the trip was thoughtfully designed to maximize the experience for all the guests.

I appreciated the chance to immerse ourselves in both Tulum's nature and our yoga practice.


 It was truly a rejuvenating 5 days and I came back feeling better than ever. 

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