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**Strength classes are hosted at Boss Sports Performance. Sign up here >>

July 24 - 28

Saugatuck, Michigan Summer Bliss Yoga Retreat 

-4-5 pm: Groove Yoga*

-7:30-8:30am: Groove Yoga
-9:15-10:15am: Boss Strength**
-12-1pm: Boss Strength

-6-7am: Boss Strength
-9:15-10:15am: Boss Strength

-12-1pm: Boss Strength

-4:30-5:45 pm: Groove Yoga






(class times listed in pst)

Aug 31 - Sept 5

Croatia yoga retreat [sold out]

March 24

Move Empowered Yoga Workshop
3:30-5:30 pm ⌇Groove Yoga ⌇REGISTER HERE

As a yoga student for more than 15 years and a physical therapist, I trust Maggie’s strong, confident, and knowledgeable approach to yoga.

I have taken workshops with Maggie to explore broader aspects of yoga and I’m always impressed with her preparation in setting an agenda and helping students reach their goals related to the workshop topic."

Maggie is sunshine and practicing yoga with her always makes my day better!


Promoting wellness in the workplace is no longer simply a “nice to have.” Employee burnout is all too real, but there are meaningful steps you can take to improve employee morale, and to support a balanced, positive work environment. Past bookings and corporate services include: 

Live and virtual yoga, workouts, and meditations -- all class lengths & styles customizable to suit your employees needs

Live and virtual mindfulness series (weekly mid-day breaks for 10-20 minutes, 8 weeks in a row)

21 and 30-day Wellness Challenges (why not make building healthy habits FUN to parktake?) 

Shakeout Movement (Have a big meeting, conference, all-day work session coming up? Let’s start the session or come back after a break in the session for group breathwork, movement and mindfulness right at our desks - this can be done virtually from home with ease)

Corporate + Specialty Classes for Events

Corporate packages vary based on request. Reach out to inquire about availability.

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Maggie is sunshine and practicing yoga with her always makes my day better!


For the curious and committed. I am a firm believer in private coaching either on a regular or at least semi-regular basis. Individualized attention & care in a session extends far beyond the benefits of one 50-minute session and will help you gain awareness in your other workouts and in your daily life.

Book a 1:1 or semi-private virtual session if you have specific goals or if you are simply looking for a more personalized approach to complement or fulfill your movement journey.

My specialities in 1:1 coaching include mobility, strength training, yoga, correcting movement patterns and pre- and postpartum corrective exercise. 

Private + Semi-Private Training

In every session Maggie is ready to challenge me in a new and fun way that ALWAYS leaves me looking forward to the next!


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Twice a year, fellow yoga teacher Katy Hanlon and I host Beyond Yoga Teacher Training, a 5-week course for new yoga teachers. This is a group experience fueled by co-learning together in a cohort from week to week. We dig deep into WHO you are or want to be as a teacher, HOW you want to show up, and fine tune WHAT you’re creating for your classes to keep them safe and having fun. This 5-week journey is equal parts self exploration and sequencing & anatomy comprehension to give you all the tools to stand in your power as a leader for your class. 

Get notified about the next Beyond Yoga Teacher Training program here.

When Beyond Yoga Teacher Training is not in session, I hold space for up to two yoga teachers to work with me one-on-one for individual coaching. We will work together for 4-8 consecutive weeks with 1-2 calls each week and various homework assignments (the fun kind!), all based on your teaching goals. 

1:1 Mentorship for Teachers & Coaches

contact for 1:1 mentorship

Maggie helped me find my own voice and style as a teacher as well as increasing my understanding of how to create safe sequences that flow.

My mentorship with Maggie left me feeling fully prepared to begin guiding students through their yoga practice.

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Maggie's encouragement and excitement in my practice continues to inspire me to want to explore more, experience more and learn more as a yoga student and teacher.

Working with Maggie was enriched with practical and anatomy-specific yoga flow as well as mindfulness. I would highly recommend Maggie to any yoga teacher, fitness instructor or anyone interested in learning more about the body and mind connection.

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