As I write this, we are in Day 10 of 21 Days to Reset. Earlier this week we talked about […]

A typical day on the road for me looks a lot like my breakfast. Colorful, vibrant, full, and always a […]

It hasn’t been all rainbows and highlight reels. But it has been filled with immense growth. I attribute this growth not to the views we’ve seen (although those have been incredible) but to the decision to make each day something new. To purposefully get out of our comfort zones and say yes to the wild ride.

As a junior in college, I studied abroad and kept up a blog of my travels. I titled it “Now […]

I often use some combination of the words “give yourself permission to take what you need and leave what you […]

What is equine guidance and can you expect from it? A few more details (and ways to embrace the mystery) are all right here.

I caught a glimpse of what it feels like to really be “in flow” when the stars aligned for a pop-up yoga class among strangers who became fast friends. And once I saw what that looks like, I know THAT’S what I want to keep digging for.

Too often I get so caught up in what I’m working towards, I forget to observe what’s around me, and see what could be on the other side of a little bit of wonder.

I’ve never seen a sunset I just felt average about. Every sunrise and sunset is like witnessing magic. I’m always […]

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