The way we approach and follow through with our workouts is just as much the opportunity to work IN as out, and I’ve always said that I’m just as passionate about the ways in which movement impacts our life well beyond the four corners of our yoga mat or four walls of the gym.

When we started traveling from city to city, living a nomad lifestyle with whatever could fit in our Subaru in order to explore more of the U.S., the purpose of this blog became very clear.

the blog

 I’ve been moving from place to place, so my “home base” has become wherever I am. Regardless of my physical location. The same holds true for how connecting to our bodies through breath and movement can give us a sense of home no matter where we are.

Traveling helped me see even more parallels to the way we show up on the mat and how we show up off of it.

It’s too easy to feel isolated and disconnected from one another (and from ourselves for that matter). But I choose to believe we are all more connected than we are separate. And I hope that by sharing my experiences in my own movement journey and of my nomad exploration, it provides you with a way to feel connected, understood and reminded of just that. 

Things are always moving, shifting, evolving and changing (ain’t nothing constant BUT change, my mom always told me!) So this is the place that helps me connect the dots from experiences in the outside world to feeling connected on the inside. 

This blog space is a place to connect through all things movement in our lives. 

We’ve put up enough walls.

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