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 Intelligent movement journey?

I built this membership platform to be your complete set of movement tools to add to your toolkit and for you to be able to use wherever you go.

I believe movement can be fun, and efficient AND intelligent. It can help you build strength and control, feel more connected and confident, and bring about more JOY in your life.

That is how I teach and that is what this membership platform offers.

Press play on any of the 150+ videos in this library when you’re traveling with minimal equipment, have 20 minutes before a busy day at work, or simply when you’ve found a class you like and want to hit “play” time and time again.

If you are seeking inspiration and tools to bring more consistency to your workouts and yoga routine, and if you want to invite in more curiosity and JOY into your movement practice, this is a community for you. 

Enrollment opens December 15.

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150+ on-demand classes from 15-65 minutes long

Yoga, mobility + workouts with + without equipment

Monthly live members’ class with a movement focus designed to help you move with more awareness, build strength & gain confidence in your movement practice

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First access to in-person retreats

Exclusive access to 2-3 new classes in your library every month plus mini workshops to help you move with more purpose, efficiency and effectiveness

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Maggie's extensive knowledge of biomechanics and physical anatomy shape creative classes that allow students to explore the nuances of their bodies.






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Unlock your intelligent movement journey & fall in love with your movement practice.
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