Whether it is an upbeat yoga flow, a sweaty workout, a meticulously slow mobility sequence or anything in between, the dots between how I interpret my inside world and the world outside are connected through sweat. I train my body to be strong and resilient, and that gives me the strength to deal with everything that life throws in the way.



My teaching style is defined by my deeply rooted passion for the human body and my insatiable curiosity to understand our human potential through the lens of mindful movement. 

When you take my class, you’ll find I approach the fundamentals in a fun and accessible way to meet you right where you are. I aim to give you tools and support to feel empowered in your body and by your own unique movement journey.

American Council on Exercise, Group Fitness Instructor 

500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, YA Continuing Education Provide, Yoga Alliance

Lululemon Ambassador

National Academy of Sports Medicine, Personal Training

National Academy of Sports Medicine, Corrective Exercise Specialist

CPR and First Aid certified

Certified FRC® Mobility Specialist (FRCms)

Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist 

the nitty gritty

Skill in Action 75-Hour

I give credit to the teachers I've learned from, including Tiffany Cruikshank for anatomy, myofascial release, and Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction courses, Adam Whiting for my 300-hour yoga certification, Katie St. Clair for coaching & athletic training methodology through Empowered Performance programming, and Jacquelyn Brennan and Dr. Sarah Duvall for pre- and postpartum corrective exercise. They continue to inspire me and push me to be a better movement coach every day. 

My earliest memory in pre-school may give you a little insight into who I am, my personal journey, & how how I built the skills to turn fear and anxiety into an adventurous and joy-filled life. When I was four years old, my teacher asked my class to line up to go outside for a fire drill. Distressed, instead of hopping in line to do as my teacher instructed, I marched up to her and demanded to know, “Where exactly are we going? How long are we going to be there? And when are we going to be back?!”
I was paralyzed with fear of the unknown.

I didn't yet have the tools to manage uncertainty. It wasn't until I started to dance - my first entry into the world of maximizing my own potential through movement - that I could connect the dots between building physical strength, emotional strength & resilience inside and outside of my workout.

I firmly believe my experience as a dancer did two important things for me: it allowed me to learn what it means to go with the flow in so many more ways than one, and it opened the door to other movement disciplines like strength training and yoga which gave me physical strength and mental fortitude to move through
life with so much more joy.

I can’t pretend I don’t have some of those innate reactions today to compulsively check and double check my work, plan for anything and everything I can, and strive to know exactly what is going on and how I should prepare to navigate it all, but learning to utilize movement to my advantageto train my body to know it is strong and resilient changed my life. It has made me feel at home wherever I am. This is why I move daily. This is why I find physical challenges like triathlons to train for and accomplish. This is why I made it my profession and why I love sharing it with others.
Physical movement can be more than a workout. It can unlock a whole lot more. It may show you your weaknesses, but it will give you the opportunity to make them your strengths. It can remind you of your inherent power and propel you towards a level of confidence that transcends your workout hour.

Thanks for stopping by my little Internet living room. It’s a cozy place that I really love, and I hope you feel welcome to stay awhile – it wouldn’t be the same without you.

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