Welcome to your 7-day Reset 

Use this tool for daily movement for one week to boost your mood, connect to your breath, and increase your energy. Don't forget to download the digital accountability checklist here.

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Day 1 

Your “good morning stretch” just got an upgrade. Take 10 minutes to move, breathe deeply, and work into chronically tight hips and shoulders to set you up for a day of movement success.

Try out this journal prompt to start your week off on a bright note ☀️

begin your reset.

journal prompt #1

start here!

>>Pro tip: Bookmark this page for easy daily access this week!

Day 2 

This flow isn’t your conventional power vinyasa sequence. You’ll encounter interesting shapes and transitions that focus on dynamic movement for the hips, building awareness and strength in the core, and some fun transitions along the way.

Length: 40 minutes

Equipment: Yoga mat 

Hips, Core & More

Day 3 

This “flow” highlights some of the basics of mobility within yoga and gives you the opportunity to learn more about how your body operates, how it may compensate, and how you can start to open up more lines of communication through breath using these various mobility sequences.

Length: 47 minutes

Equipment: Yoga mat, yoga block (or something to place between knees)

It's all in the details.

Day 4 


Find a comfortable seat for this 10-minute guided meditation and visualization.

Length: 10 minutes 

Equipment: Any comfortable seat 

journal prompt #2

Take 5-10 minutes to journal using the below prompt today.

Guided Meditation

Day 5 

Over the course of the next 45 minutes, you’ll flow and connect to breath, and use those concepts to weave through a bodyweight workout that is heavily focused on core stability, glute strength, and lower and upper body control.

Don’t be deceived by the yoga mat & slow start to this “practice” – you’ll be dripping sweat in no time.

Length: 43 minutes 

Equipment: Yoga mat

push-ups, planks, & proprioception

Day 6 

For this sequence, you’ll be moving a bit more than a true restorative class, but take this time to slow down, listen to your body, and let your brain take a break. Enjoy this 30 minutes and make it your own.

Length: 30 minutes

Equipment: Wall space, yoga block and/or pillow 

30-min restorative flow

Day 7

This video stands on its own, or as Part I to a longer combination of the Find Your Flow series. We’ll heat up the body, warm up the core, and work through a warm-up flow for a 30-minute practice. If you only have time for a 30-minute practice in your day, this is a great way to work up a sweat and connect to your breath.

If you’re progressing into Part II, expect binds, twists, and playful transitions. Most of all, expect to work up a sweat!

Length: 33 minutes (Part I) 62 minutes (Part II) >> 95 minutes (combined)

Equipment: Yoga mat, block optional

Find Your Flow Part I

Find Your Flow Part II

Day 7 Bonus

Take 5-10 minutes to round out your week with this final set of journal prompts.

journal prompt #3

download the free accountability guide 

downloadable 7-DAY RESET

14 Day reset

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